HuffPost contributor calls the Couldn't Be Happiers a "promising musical act" reminiscent "of all the best things about classic country music."

Music Reporter recaps the Couldn't Be Happiers' live performance on WHUP's Pass the Hat.

HuffPost contributor lists the Couldn't Be Happiers' debut EP as one of her "[f]avorite musical picks of 2017."

Neville's Quarter Blog, February 24, 2018 - Review of "Let's Not Bury the Obvious"

"This duo is so cool and they fit so well together musically. The words are great mix of modern lingo with an old folk feel, which I think is part of their appeal. They are experts at combining the new and the old. This song is upbeat and feel-good. I imagine it's really fun to sing this song with someone you care about, so I suggest you put it on the car stereo on repeat on your next road trip."

Middle Tennessee, February 22, 2018 - Interview with Couldn't Be Happiers - The Happiest