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About Us


The Couldn't Be Happiers are a folk-country-rock duo out of Winston-Salem. HuffPost entertainment writer Lisa Lynn Snedeker listed their debut EP as one of her "[f]avorite musical picks of 2017," earlier calling them a "promising musical act" reminiscent "of all the best things about classic country music."  

Burke County, North Carolina native Jodi Hildebran Lee (vocals, drums, harmonica, and guitar) and former Texan Jordan Crosby Lee (vocals and guitar) formed the Couldn't Be Happiers in July of 2017. The couple has what fans call "a contagious energy" born of audience interaction and on-stage (mostly) playful bickering with one another.

The duo performs an eclectic and energetic set of covers (Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, CCR, Shovels and Rope, and too many more to list), but they consider themselves songwriters first. Individually, they have written songs covering classic themes like "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" ("Sweeter") to lesser plowed fields like the not-so-romantic life of a Bigfoot hunter ("Gone Squatchin'"). But they're at their best when they write together. Duets like "Let's Not Bury the Obvious" and "Baggage" can be found on their debut EP The Happiest streaming on Spotify.  The duo just did a "digital only" release of two more songs - a "double single" (as they like to call it), with each song designed to demonstrate their different styles.

Having played at breweries, wine bars, coffee shops, pubs, sports bars, festivals, and other live music venues throughout North Carolina, the duo is quickly making its way across the Old North State. With their blend of folk harmonies, bluegrass rhythm guitar, Americana songwriting, and a rock and roll back beat, the Couldn't Be Happiers are doing something that might have been done before, but not quite like this.